13 November 2020
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Ticketmaster news could point to the future of air travel
If you want to go to a concert in the USA next year, you may need either a valid COVID test, or proof that you have been vaccinated.
This is according to Billboard magazine, which revealed plans being made by Ticketmaster for 2021 ticket sales. Ticketmaster's blueprint is something you could imagine being adopted by the travel industry.
Billboard says that after buying a ticket, you will be asked to show that you have been vaccinated, or that you took a COVID test 24-72 hours before the concert.
This will be validated by a 3rd party Health Pass system like CLEAR, which will pass the results onto Ticketmaster, at which point the actual ticket will be issued via the Ticketmaster App.
Of course in an international aviation environment, you have an additional layer of complexity.  If going to a concert in (say) LA, your vaccine will almost certainly be FDA approved.
If however you are flying to LAX, it's not guaranteed that this will be the case. 
For example, the vaccines from Chinese pharma companies Sinopharm and Sinovac are in phase three trials in much of the Middle East (as well as Brazil).
It's not yet certain that these vaccines will have FDA approval, and the same of course goes for the Russian Sputnik 5 vaccine.
All this points to a medium term future where vaccines, testing and biosafety measures will have to work side by side.
See as well - "Heathrow says Covid testing needed for years, even with a vaccine. Pre-flight testing and screening could be vital given the extended timescale for mass inoculation."
Are you most concerned about in-flight or the commute? How about the airport areas? The answer may differ based on how often you fly!

It turns out most frequent travellers are concerned with airport areas, while those who don't fly often worry about the flight. Testing before travel may address the airport areas and flight - what about the commute?

The customer journey is set to change in ways we had not quite imagined. What are the top innovations airlines and airports can hope to deploy?
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(Chart from a study carried out by Gensler)
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